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Compare Your Insect Management With The Entech System

The Entech System will treat a facility of 20,000 to 1,000,000 sq. ft. in 5 to 20 minutes. This often allows for valuable time being returned to extra production, maintenance, sanitation, etc.

Portable equipment and other systems often take hours or a full shift and fogging may be skipped or treatment shortened to meet time requirements. To combat this time factor, many users have established practices of using higher strength insecticides, and much less than the EPA approved label instructions. Effective fog coverage is not related to insecticide strength. To obtain good insect mortality with portable equipment there are no shortcuts, and reducing time and insecticide only lessens effectiveness and control.

The Entech System removes personnel from exposure to insecticides by being fully Automatic. No more exposure to the fog for hours, or in handling, mixing, and equipment clean-up.

Portable equipment often requires your personnel to spend hours in an insecticide environment, fogging, handling, etc. Refillable systems also require handling and refilling of reservoirs located high overhead.

The Entech System has no labor costs, just turn it on and it automatically treats the selected areas. This savings offers a viable payback of the one-time cost of the system.

Portable equipment, pest control operators and refillable systems all have high labor and supervision costs that are permanent and increasing each year.

The Entech System is more effective in control of both flying and crawling insects due to its ULV size particles, coverage and rapid dispersion.

Other equipment and systems cause drifting and pocketing of fog, and poor crawling insect control due to particle sizes that are too small. Most other types of systems claim little or no crawling insect control.

The Entech System is lower in operational cost than other systems. It is supplied from a standard 55 gallon drum of competitively priced insecticide. Its lack of moving parts, motors, etc. gives it unlimited economic life. This pneumatically operated system is offered turn-key installed by Entech personnel, experienced in hundreds of installations.

Canister and cylinder systems are an expensive method of packaging insecticides. Often the cost of insecticide is more than twice that of Entech's. Portable equipment is often balky to start and requires regular service, cleaning, and replacement. Electric motors require frequent replacement and the user supplies his own service.

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