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The Entech System controls insect activity from a central operating point. The facility may be treated all at one time, or set-up in zones for flexibility. The system is started by inserting a key and shuts down automatically after the desired areas are treated. Controls may vary from a simple timer to mechanical or computerized programmable controllers, depending on your needs and plant layout.
Insecticide to the system is supplied by either a standard 55 gallon drum, or larger bulk tank.

Insecticide is transferred from the central control area to the fogging areas by a low pressure, air operated pump.

Operates directly from plant compressed air system, as production is not normally in operation when fogging takes place. Package air compressors also available.

Durable, non-corrosive and maintenance free stainless steel tubing is used for insecticide distribution piping. PVC pipe is used for air distribution lines.

At the completion of each fogging, distribution lines are depressurized, allowing insecticide to return to the drum or supply tank.

The system is secured by a key start switch.

No personnel exposure. Precision timing assures accurate amounts of insecticide for each area, every fogging. A test cycle at the beginning of each start-up assures distribution lines are secure. Start-up insures the integrity of the distribution lines.

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607 Maria Street, Kenner, Louisiana 70062 - Phone: (504) 469-6541 or Fax: (504) 465-9192
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