607 Maria Street, Kenner, Louisiana 70062 - Phone: (504) 469-6541, Fax: (504) 465-9192, or E-mail entech@msn.com

Corporate Information

Entech Systems Corporation is a Chapter S Corporation, which was incorporated in Louisiana in 1977. Entech Systems Corporation's office and manufacturing facilities are located in Kenner, LA (New Orleans).

Entech is the largest supplier of 55-gallon drums of Fogging Insecticides to the Food Industry in the United States. Entech blends Fogging Insecticides for use in Entech Automatic Fogging Systems and for use with portable fogging equipment. Entech manufactures and installs Automatic and Semi-Automatic Fogging Systems. Since 1977, Entech has installed over 300 Automatic Fogging Systems in Food Plants and Food Distribution Facilities.

Robert G. Drudge is the President and CEO of Entech.

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607 Maria Street, Kenner, Louisiana 70062 - Phone: (504) 469-6541 or Fax: (504) 465-9192
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