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Each area of the plant has individual fogging stations mounted high overhead. The number of nozzles on each station depends on the size of the area. The nozzle output is controlled by time.

Insecticide and compressed air are transfered to the stations from a central control area.

The fogging operation is controlled by a precision, key actuated programmable controller, providing an accurate amount of insecticide for each area. The facility may be zoned for flexibility in treatment. Areas not activated will be omitted during the cycle. Different areas of the facility may require different treatment schedules, depending on production, operations, type of insect activity, dust factors, etc. One zone may discharge fog at a rate that covers up to 500,000 cu ft. of air space per minute. This speed and rapid dispersion of the insecticide prevents insects from escaping the fog.


Insecticide is supplied from a drum or bulk tank to the stations by an air operated, wall mounted, low pressure pump. Lines are pressurized only when fogging. A test cycle at the beginning of each operation insures distribution line integrity. Compressed air forms the fog by air blast atomization of the insecticide, creating a dry, ultra low volume (ULV) fog. This fog is discharged at high pressure and moves out in a billowing action, penetrating down, in and around equipment. stored materials, pallets, etc. Each station may cover up to 360 degrees for a distance of up to 250 lineal feet.

At completion of the fogging, the distribution lines are depressurized, allowing insecticide to return to the central supply drum or tank. The system shuts itself off and resets automatically.

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