Insecticides and Fogging Equipment 
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Insecticides since 1977


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Fogging Insecticides

Entech offers a variety of Insectides for all your fogging needs

All Entech fogging insecticides are petroleum based, ready to use (undiluted) as a ULV Space Spray, Contact Spray, or Thermal Fog.   Entech blends the
insecticides and owns the EPA Registered insecticide     labels.  Entech's prices cannot be matched.  
 Automatic Fogging

Cost-Effective Alternative to Fumigation

Fog a 50,000 Sq Ft. Building for $400.00 or less using both ULV Fogging Insecticide and IGR.

Click below for USDA Published Report on Effeciveness of Entech Fog-10 and Diacon IGR 

USDA Report
Grain, Seed, Peanut

Protect stored bulk or bagged feed, seed, peanuts, grain, spices and more.

Protect Stored Food Commodities from Insects with  Diacon IGR 
(methoprene) and the Insecticide Centynal, (Deltamethrin).   Entech both Manufactuers and Installs Dispensing Systems.
Portable Fogging Equipment

Entech offers a variety of Portable Foggers

Electric Foggers, Air Operated Cold Foggers, Thermal Foggers, Backpack Foggers, Gasoline Powered Cold Foggers, ATV Foggers, ECT.   B & G Foggers,
Dyna Fog Equipment, and
Entech Manufactured  ULV Fogging Equipment.