Diacon IGR

 Diacon IGR (4-1 gallon per case)
 Diacon IGR (4-1 liter bottles per case)
 Diacon IGR (2-2.5 gallons per case)

   Controls Insects in stored food commodities

      Apply Diacon IGR to any food commodity

Spray on Grains, Seeds, Feeds, Peanuts, Pet Food, on any commodity to limit insect reproduction to just one life cycle.   Diacon IGR stops the insects life cycle in the immature life stages (egg, larva, pupa).  Diaocn IGR provides residual protection to controls Indian meal moths, flour beetles, and other stored product insects.   Dilute with oil or water.

Mix Diacon IGR with Entech's pyrethrin based fogging insectides to fog directly on Peanuts, and many other Nuts, Fruits and Vegitables for both immediate control of exposed adult insects and residual control of immature life stages of insects.  This IGR is so safe it's exempt from food additive tolerance leves. 

See Entech's Diacon Application Equipment for spraying and/or fogging directly on stored commdoities.
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Diacon IGR SDS
Centynal EC
Diacon IGR Plus
PB0-8 Synergist