PBO-8 Synergist

PBO-8 Synergist (4 X 1 Gallon)
Mix with Diacon, Centynal and/or Diacon IGR Plus for longer protection of Stored Grains

A synergist for many classes of insecticides, PBO-8 Synergist works by blocking production of mixed-function oxidase enzymes, which insects use to metabolize the insecticide’s active ingredients. By blocking the action of these enzymes, PBO-8 Synergist improves the efficacy of the insecticide. Use it as the perfect tank-mix partner with Diacon IGR and Centynal EC Insecticide or Diacon IGR PLUS.

PBO–8 Synergist Features:
Synergizes many insecticides, including pyrethroids
Works with most misting, fogging or spray equipment
Favorable toxicological profile – low risk to humans and environment
Excellent resistance management tool

PBO-8 Synergist SDS
PBO-8 Synergist Label
Diacon IGR
Diacon IGR Plus
Centynal EC